Barrel for the Food Industry

Special barrel for food field extruder with internal regattas in specific materials for this sector. Assemblies used in the food industry must meet certain standards to ensure safety and hygiene. Here are some points to consider:– The barrel should have a design that facilitates cleaning and prevents the accumulation of waste. Indoor regattas should be […]

Plastic blow moulding machines

In the plastic blow molding process, the screw plays an essential role in melting and homogenizing polymers. They regulate temperature, speed and pressure through precise control systems for efficient performance. At the same time, the barrels ensure even heat distribution. Regular maintenance is critical to the consistency and quality of processes.

Installation of solar panels

Completed the installation of the solar panels of our second industrial building. HUSYCA stands for continuous improvement and a sustainable world.

CNC milling machine

The CNC milling machine is a machine that makes it possible to automate the production of parts efficiently, safely and precisely. Thanks to computer numerical control and under the instructions of a specific program, the milling machines can perform different functions such as grinding, cutting and drilling, among others. CNC milling operations can be carried […]

Welding with bimetal input

In the repair of screws, the entire wire is lowered to perform a solder supply, leaving the screw to the same size of the barrel. The alloy of the weld that is provided will be the one that best suits the needs of the client. Wear is one of the main concerns of the life […]

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