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Husyca was born in 1987 thanks to the union of three professionals with the same concerns, who combine their knowledge and experience in machining screws and plasticizing cylinders in Barcelona .

Husyca has always been characterized by its excellent customer service, the total quality of its finished products and continuous improvement in training and machinery.

This has meant that Husyca, after more than 35 years of hard work and great efforts, has become one of the benchmark firms in the screw and cylinder machining sector  in Spain

We work in the national market with offices in the Central Zone and Andalusia and in the international market for different companies in Europe, Africa and South America.

Husyca has in its own facilities more than 2,000 square meters dedicated to the manufacture and finishing of the product. It has a Commercial Department oriented to the best customer service and an experienced Technical Office, which makes it possible to manufacture screws and cylinders with the highest speed and quality on the market, something that sets us apart from our competitors.

Today, the values and knowledge that have made Husyca one of the best screw manufacturing companies in Spain  have been transferred to the next generation, which has been able to adapt them to current environments, always maintaining the same spirit of service, speed and quality.

we manufacture

We manufacture and repair all kinds of screws for the transformation of plastics, thermoplastics, rubber and silicones, etc. We shield our screws with the most advanced special welding techniques such as powder welding. Against abrasion, corrosion and agents that accelerate wear and tear due to use, we use materials as resistant as tungsten carbide, colmonoy, stellite, etc.

injection and extrusion barrelsWe manufacture chambers for single screw, rotating and counter-rotating double screw, both parallel and conical. We offer both standard sizes and custom sizes. In our manufacturing process we use bimetallic technology with a different range of alloys.

We offer

Our technical department will propose new solutions related to product problems. We don’t just copy the laminator kit you’re already using, we study each case and offer a customized and improved solution.

We repair all kinds of screws and barrels, leaving them with the same characteristics and dimensions as the original ones. We internally rectify the barrels and carry out the subsequent hardness treatment. The screws are reconditioned with the most advanced coatings through the welding process.

"We drive towards excellence to always offer you the best service. On every journey, we convey confidence, efficiency, quality and commitment. We move for you to be unstoppable"

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