We have the best specialists in diagnosing problems as well as solving them.
For this we also have the best technology to repair all kinds of screws, barrels, etc.

Barrel repair

Once diagnosed that the barrel suffers from wear, it can be solved in two different ways:
1. The inner diameter of said barrels is increased as little as possible (according to wear) in order to have a chamber with a larger diameter but completely cylindrical and homogeneous.
2. The inner diameter of said barrel is increased until a bushing can be inserted. In this way, the barrel will remain at the nominal diameter, without any increase.

Screws repair

Once the screw wear has been diagnosed, its repair consists of the following:
The entire thread of the screw is lowered (rectified) to then make a contribution of welding and leave the screw to the same measurement as the barrel. The solder alloy provided will be the one that best suits the customer's needs. .

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