Today we take balance of what our visit to EQUIPLAST has meant and I gather the following impressions.

“It’s an opportunity to reconnect with your usual clients and potential clients and the chance to make yourself known” Tomás Sánchez

“It has been a real pleasure to welcome and greet so many professionals from the plastics industry at our stand and to confirm that we are on the front line” Jordi Martínez

“The importance of the bonds that are generated or strengthened through the close relationship” Kennet Sánchez

“The great influx of people tells us that the market is alive; I also emphasize how nice it is to open the doors of your house for four days for customers from every area of Spain and the rest of the world” Antonio Mas

“EQUIPLAST always acts as a meeting point for the industry and is a good opportunity both to strengthen existing relationships and to create new ones” Javier Sousa

“The Fira seems good to me, there are more companies, more people, and you can see that it is growing since the last editions, people are starting to have more confidence” Marco Serpa

“Today technology opens doors and borders for us and that’s something very valuable, but we can’t lose the handshakes and the faces of joy and satisfaction offered by personal encounters like EQUIPLAST” Olga Jiménez

Thank you team! And thanks to all the visitors and all those who were at EQUIPLAST, see you at the next edition.

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